Support Procurement Services

You are going to work with a service provider, supplier or subcontractor through a mutual private agreement or call for tender/invitation for tender.

You are looking to outsource the management of procurement tasks in order to provide more flexibility and responsiveness to your organisation.

To ensure the competitivity of your company and to comply with the constantly evolving market demands (increased production rates, shortened deadlines, complexity of activities, geo-return constraints or implementation of an industrial policy/organisation), procurement engineering offers a real competitive advantage.

You want to be able to:

  • Anticipate the needs of your customers by providing financial performance and by streamlining your relationships with your subcontractors.
  • Improve the performance of your organisation by refocusing the value chain of your strategic activities (for more efficiency / productivity gains) and strengthening your competitive position.
  • Develop a reliable subcontractors or suppliers’ network by encouraging productivity and technological/industrial improvements.
  • Obtain a formal and fit-for-purpose support made for managing your requests for proposal.
  • Evaluate in an optimized way the proposals from your subcontractors and negotiate your subcontracts.

eXSpace allows you to:

  • Maximize the efficiency of your procurements in compliance with the technical, management, contractual and financial requirements.
  • Adapt effectively your contractual conditions (ensuring its flow-down from the prime level contractor when applicable) to all the supply chain actors.
  • Boost your proposal through innovation and industrial support to reinforce your capabilities.
  • Fulfil your commitments by setting up a structured approach (optimizing the use of your core resources / costs and key personnel).
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  • Identify activities for which technical specificity requires to be outsourced or provides a competitive advantage and/or an economic benefit.
  • Analyse the strategic issues of subcontracting and approve the “make or buy” decision.
  • Set up the subcontracting plan from the inputs of the different departments concerned (programme, sales, purchasing, strategy and quality).
  • Shortlist the potential subcontractors and define the tender conditions (private agreement /call for tender) including related confidentiality aspects.


  • Draft the tender data package (official cover letter, technical and management specifications, general and specific terms and conditions, draft contract/term of purchase).
  • Manage the procurement process (including update of the tender data package when applicable).
  • Support the subcontractors during the tender process (questions/answers and clarifications).

STEP 03 – Evaluation et negotiation

  • Check the compliance of the proposals and analyse the gaps/deviations from the requirements, terms and conditions.
  • Prepare the negotiation by obtaining all the necessary clarifications/adjustments on any non-compliance and/or partial compliance.
  • Apply the predefined selection criteria (award and implementation).
  • Write the evaluation report including the ranking of the proposals (notation) and the recommendations.


  • Approve the award and inform the bidders.
  • Set-up and finalize the contractual agreement (order/contract).
  • Monitor the smooth execution of the contract.