Bid Management Services

You are answering to a public or private invitation to tender/call for tender, at European or international level, for a public law body or large system integrator in an industrial and/or high tech field (and more particularly in the aerospace sector).

You want to be able to:

  • Manage all the elements of your response to win the bid and/or access to new markets.
  • Maximize the performance of your proposal in all its technical, management, business, financial and contractual dimensions,
  • Differentiate your offer and your company’s position from the competition.
  • Optimize the costs of your response to the call for tender.

eXSpace allows you to :

  • Be supported in your research for competitiveness regarding technical, industrial and commercial solutions.
  • Improve your competitive position by developing the strengths of your offer and optimizing its quality / performance / price ratio.
  • Apply best aerospace practices and standards to build a winning proposal thanks to proven and reliable keys and tools.
  • Benefit from a sustained management from the publication of the call for tender up to the deployment of the industrial organisation.
  • Execute the contractualisation and the management of amendments.
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STEP 01 – Bid / No Bid

  • Get an in-depth knowledge of the company from which the tender is issued and the product/service procured through the call for tender.
  • Perform an external product/service benchmarking (direct and indirect competition).
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses in order to improve the performance of the company through the definition of its technical solution.
  • Support the set-up of the proposal answering team (staff for success).

STEP 02 – Proposal Strategy

  • Develop the response strategy demonstrating the added-value of the proposed solution.
  • Define a singular, consistent, convincing and trustworthy offer.
  • Identify and set-up the industrial organisation and the supply chain.
  • Ensure a complete, readable and fully understandable proposal in accordance with the customer requirements

STEP 03 – Writing

  • Draw the proposal up by considering the technical part to ensure its overall consistency.
  • Synthetize and highlight the essentials of the offer, the customer environment, needs and priorities, the proposed solution and its benefits.
  • Assist or manage the production of the cost-models, legal and contractual aspects (pre-contractualisation)
  • Write the executive summary promoting and strengthening the proposal.

STEP 04 – Red Review

  • Audit, evaluate and correct gaps and inconsistencies.
  • Check both compliances of the proposal architecture and customer requirements.
  • Strengthen risk analyses (technical, contractual and financial).
  • Optimize the originality and the quality of the proposal.
  • Qualify, quantify and record the remaining gaps/deviations from the customer requirements.