The company

Founded in 2015, eXSpace offers services to industrial and high-tech companies who aim at developing their business as well as securing the performance of their proposals.

Besides, eXSpace proposes services to manage the outsourcing / procurement tasks or support the request for proposals adressed to subcontractors in order to fulfill all the technical, management, contractual and financial requirements.

Chairman’s message

« By relaying a clear message, you demonstrate to your customers that your offers are the ones they need. You will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition and maximize your likelihood of success.

Building sustainable relationships with your subcontractors and encouraging them to improve their efficiency will enable you to safeguard your competitive advantage.

A high level of requirement, an informed understanding of the issues and a proven practice, along many years, with the major contractors of the aerospace sector are our guarantee to accompany our customers in their success».


After more than ten years of holding various positions as bid manager, sales and contract manager in the aerospace industry, Brice Violleau founded eXSpace S.A.S. His background in products and services and, especially, his knowledge in the management of call for tenders in France and abroad are some real assets to ensure the success of high-tech activities.